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Livestream on Saturday 5/10 at 3PM EST

2014-05-08 10:31:48 by fxscreamer

I'll be doing another livestream this weekend finishing up on my next piece which is actually a FINISHED piece (not a concept).  It will be primarily coloring and shading since adding the line art in on the same day would take SOOOOOOO long, plus I figure people find the color and shade process more enjoyable. Art hard with me on Saturday.  The link is below.

Livestream Link:


For the time zone confused and people on the other side of the world, here's some help.  I'm in New York :)


Out of concept mode

2014-05-07 16:13:51 by fxscreamer

After an exhausting few weeks of constant character design and concepts (7 in total right now) drawing almost every single day, I'll be returning to some finished pieces and perhaps some that are geared towards the "canon" of my story.  I realize most of my past art didn't have a lot of character interactions or deeper focus, and would like to bring that out more, as hard as it may be.  I'm currently well underway on my next piece and will hopefully have it done by the weekend or early next week. It's my most ambitious attempt at art yet!  :P

Well, I decided to do another livestream this weekend.  I completely redrew a concept, and will be doing line art, coloring, shading, and full finish of my main character Arlo Cashmere.  It's been 4 long months, 4-5 redesigns, and a lot of headaches getting to this point designing my main character.  He's the reason I started this to begin with, and will be my last concept for the moment (there are maybe 1-2 more I could do, but not enough info written on them yet).

Join me Saturday May 3rd at 3PM EST.  The sessions go long, at least 5-6 hours, but I promise to not play awful music (as subjective as that is). Maybe I'll play some film scores in the mix, and ones you may not know.  :P

Livestream link:


New Photoshop Tutorial :3

2014-04-28 00:36:43 by fxscreamer

After my livestream event, I decided to create a Photoshop tutorial video regarding how I do things currently.  I go through the entire line art, coloring, and shading process in 90 minutes in comfy 1080p.  Feel free to check it out.  :D


I'll keep it brief, but even though my membership says I've been a member since 2004, I've been MIA for a long time.  I have a degree in music, but used to draw a lot when I was younger, mainly scenery and architecture.  Lately, I've felt "possessed" to restart my ability to draw, and especially begin character art.  It's a field I have no real experience in, but while I haven't been drawing all these years, I have been paying attention to other people's art and tutorials.  I am now putting it all to use, and have a goal to become well versed in character art for 2014.  I've already got a few created, but yearn to improve and learn new techniques.  There will be many more characters, parodies, and comedy to come.  Stay tuned!