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Animation and presentation is decent. Writing needs a LOT of work, as it is very juvenile and one dimensional. I struggled to crack a smile once. Nothing here is clever and the joke setups fall terribly flat. I'm also failing to understand why Jill is handicapped. Is this in reference to one of the games? (I've played and beaten many)

Nothing in this made much sense. It's like watching a 10 year old making dick and fart jokes thinking they're the next George Carlin. Try harder. Have a better script before you put in all this work on the animation. This video is unfortunately wasted time, for everyone.

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I must say I was simply surprised when I started watching this. The subtle movements in animation, expression, dialogue, storytelling.....all really hit the mark. While the VO was decent I don't think it fit the character, especially with his age. Otherwise, this was excellent. :D

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Neat piece! The chaotic sketchy brush strokes are a nice touch. :P

The biggest issue I see here is perspective. Between the angle and perceived distance, the moon looks like it is literally right behind the bushes. The perspective of the trees with the bear are different, as the shadows also don't show a sense of distance. As stated before, the rule of 3rds is a good place to start. Think about background, mid-ground, and foreground when composing a landscape piece. Nice attempt though.

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JJColours responds:

Ah, perspective. Something I also have on my list to visit in my re-familiarizing of the basics. Though I do realize the effect that putting the moon in that spot, I also made that an artistic choice to add something interesting to the composition. Perhaps my fault isnt the position of that so much as the angle of the shadows. They would probably be angled quite differently if the moon was at a distance. I have been attempting to do the three stages you mentioned, back, mid and fore, but the concept for someone who hardly ever does any type of background is somewhat of a challenge to comprehend. Thank you so much for your critical assessment. I am revisiting this specific concept several more times in order to understand it better. Every bit of critique is appreciated.

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